Computational Biology group develops algorithms and computational models to address biomedical research problems. The group’s aim is to uncover the molecular basis of human cancers and to generate new avenues for treatment and diagnostics. One of the main research directions of the group is circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis. We develop computational methods for reconstructing the genomic landscape of cancer cells in a patient’s body, based on fragments of tumor DNA in their bloodstream. These minimally invasive “liquid biopsies” (10 mL blood sample) enable clinicians to understand the mutations driving patient’s cancer, and allow them to better guide patient treatment.

Business Finland funds our New Business from Research Ideas (TUTLI)-project focusing on developing commercial solution for clinical ctDNA analysis. In the project, we aim to commercialize blood-based gene test for cancer diagnostics based on ctDNA analysis. To reach this goal, we need to gain detailed information about cancer diagnostics market, develop strategies for market entry and develop state-of-the art ctDNA offering.

We are looking for research assistant with passion for business development to join the group to assist in market research and commercialization.

Job description

In this position, you will conduct a market research, including customer analysis, competitor analysis and FTO analysis that are subsequently used for development of business model. A student interested in development and commercialization of high technology start-up business could conduct the work as Master’s thesis project. You can work part-time or full-time. Salary is determined by the University salary system.

We offer a possibility to get deep understanding and insight of cancer diagnostics market and unique view to life science business. You will also have a possibility to be part of planning business models and commercialization routes for the case.


Bachelor’s Degree in suitable field (e.g. Business, Industrial Engineering or Biotechnology)
Enthusiastic and motivated attitude towards life sciences, business and health care
Initiative way to work
Great attention to detail
Team player

Please send your application (CV/LinkedIn profile, transcript of academic record, short motivation letter) to Emma Kaijanen, emma.kaijanen (at) or to Matti Nykter, matti.nykter (at) by Wednesday 13 February. Inquiries about the position can be sent to Emma Kaijanen.