We offer a Master’s thesis project, were the goal is to set up a state of the art single cell measurement system. Recent development in manufacturing, e.g. 3D printing and microfluidics have enabled cost effective construction of small scale instrumentation. Goal of the project is to set up a single cell manipulation and imaging system that enables large scale measurement of expression of large number of genes from thousands of cells following the design principles presented in recent publications. See for example Poseidon system (https://pachterlab.github.io/poseidon/) or CODEX Multiplexed Imaging (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30078711).

Project is challenging as it will require combined expertise in imaging, software development, system engineering and design. Key challenge is the requirement for precision manipulation of small volumes of liquids and individual cells. Recruited student is not expected to master all the aspects, and support for the development will be available from the members of Computational biology and collaborating groups.

As a part of Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Tumor Genetics research, we offer an internationally leading research environment. This enables you to develop and apply your skills in challenging and multidisciplinary problems that provide enabling technologies for biomedical research.

If you got interested, send your application by email to matti.nykter (at) tuni.fi at latest by Friday 15.2.2019. Include letter of motivation, your CV and transcript of records to the application.

The group’s aim is to uncover the molecular basis of human cancers and to generate new avenues for treatment and diagnostics, see http://compbio.uta.fi or @NykterLab in Twitter.